Voluntary Disclosure – The ‘ Panama Papers’
Tax Problems and Voluntary Disclosure – The ‘Panama Papers’ The financial press has been dominated by leaks of information dubbed the ‘Panama Papers’. It is critical to note that merely holding money or oth [...]
Backdating – ‘but everyone else does it’
Backdating We often receive enquiries where someone suggests that I should assist in backdating a transaction or asks me to draft a document, intending to backdate it. What is backdating? Backdating is when you date a do [...]
GST and Going Concern on Leased Premises
Problem? Can you sell your premises to your current tenant (lessee) and still claim the ‘as a going concern’ GST exemption? In short the answer is no. According to GSTR2002/5 the owner of an enterprise which consists s [...]
Individual -vs- Corporate SMSF Trustee
Should I have a corporate or individual trustee for my SMSF? A common question we are asked is whether you should use a corporate or individual trustee.  As a general rule of SMSF, each member must be an individual trustee and [...]
Division 7A Problems
Division 7A Problems A common scenario is when a member (Les) of a company (Paul Pty Ltd) takes a holiday in a holiday home owned by Paul Pty Ltd.  The holiday is rent free and only for 2 weeks. On the face of it, a majority of p [...]
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