ATO Disputes and Audits: Compliance Preparation and Prevention
ATO TAX DISPUTES: Tax Audits and Evasion / Avoidance in business: Prevention and Preparation for ATO Compliance As presented by Nathan Thomson at the recent Legalwise Tax Essentials conference 13 June 2017 and published [...]
Want to defer capital gains tax for up to 2 years?
Deferring capital gains tax on small businesses for two years. Division 152 of the ITAA1997 allows certain small business further capital gains tax concessions, provided certain requirements are met.  The requirements ar [...]
Selling property to your own super fund, see us FIRST!
Are you thinking of selling your business commercial premises into your super fund? The Western Australian Duties Act 2008 can allow for concessions of duty to be charged when moving / selling / transferring a commercial [...]
Going Guarantor?
GOING GUARANTOR? A SIMPLE EXPLANATION OF YOUR OBLIGATIONS It is now a common requirement of banks / lenders that a guarantor signs to provide security to the bank / lender. It is further a requirement that the guarantor receive in [...]
Sale of Inherited Property – CGT exemptions
If certain conditions are met under the ITAA1997, its possible to receive a full CGT exemption when an individual sells an inherited property (property in this article refers to residential real property for example a property [...]
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